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Demonic Conjuration

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Any information provided should be taken with a "grain of salt" so to say I am not satanic.  I have provided the articles below because I believe they are good tools & provide essential information on the conjuration of demons properly.


Demons have powerful energy, way beyond the average human. When we invoke them or have close intimate contact with them, a variety of effects can happen. The Demon's bio-electricity merges with our own. We are all individuals and our life force is individual, operating on different levels of intensity. What one person may experience, another may or may not.

This depends on many different things, such as previous levels of bio-energy (the more powerful your own energy, the more energy you can withstand, with little or no unsettling effects), present physical strength and constitution (people who are built up or stronger physically can withstand more from their own workings or that of an outside source [Demons]).

People who do regular and intense physical exercise will find they are able to handle higher energy levels and progress faster in increasing their bio-electricity. All of this takes time and patience. This is like climbing a mountain, where you have to camp at certain heights for a period of several days to a month or more, to acclimate yourself before moving on up or experience some very unpleasant and sometimes life threatening effects such as altitude sickness. We are all individuals here and must move at our own pace or we could experience some uncomfortable and disturbing effects.

Common sensations after invoking a Demon are skin sensitivity, tingling, your insides vibrating or tingling; aching in the joints (for those with lower levels of bio-electricity), feeling like you are glowing and/or floating, sometimes anxiety, feeling heat or cold, exhiliration, intense dreams, feeling hyperactive or nervous, insomnia and others. The lower your own levels of life energy, the more effects you may experience. None of this is anything to be concerned about, as it will pass.

I invoked Demons several times and my skin tingled for a couple of days afterwards. Invoking Demons before sleep can cause insomnia, as the energy of the Demon can keep you awake, as it is intense and powerful. With self empowerment and increasing our own bio-electricity, we will always be able to feel a Demon and have some after affects, but they will be minimal as we become stronger. By revamping our own energies, we become a stronger and more powerful soul; no longer just a human spirit. We ascend to a higher level of soul, as that of a Demon, our magickal workings increase in power and effectiveness and when we die, we will reincarnate upwards.






Evocation and Invocation


There are basically two ways of summoning an entity. "Evocation" and "Invocation." Evocation is when you summon and the entity whether it be a Demon, spirit, deceased person or elemental; it appears outside of you. During seances, often the medium is able to produce a substance called "ectoplasm" to provide a luminescent material in order for the evoked spirit to manifest itself visibly.


Invocation is when one takes the spirit into one's self. An example is where one invokes a Demon and the Demon speaks through him/her using his/her voice to communicate. Often when this happens, one's voice may change. It can become deeper, raspy or different in some way.

There are many different entities. One thing I have learned is with Satan's Demons, when they enter us, they never harm us in any way. We are always conscious and fully aware of them speaking through us and what they are saying. One doesn't experience gaps or "missing time." I have invoked many Demons.

Some Demons come around and like to play. One time when was at work, a co-worker showed me a photo of his girlfriend. I felt a Demon enter me and he said to me "go ahead." I began reading her. The co-worker was suprised at my accuracy. Of course, this was my Demon friend speaking through me.


My point here is there are entities that are NOT of Satan and when they are invited in (often these are angels or related ilk) they will take over and cause harm to the person who invoked them and the individual will not have any memory of the event. They will have missing time and more than likely other problems as well.

Father Satan is the bringer of knowledge. He has no reason to cause anyone to forget something or have lapses in memory in order to hide something. People who mess around with angels and other astral entities of whom they are not familiar with can experience these problems, then of course, through ignorance and foolishness they blame "The Devil."





The Art of Summoning Demons

By Mastorn

If there is one activity that has followed Satanism throughout time and space, mythology and fact, symbolic or theistic, it is the act of summoning demons. When most people enter Satanism one of the first questions they ask is "How can I summon a demon?" Still, there is very little practical information on the internet about demon summoning. Most of what you find on the internet regarding this topic will involve the practitioner standing in a circle, invoking the names of the Christian god and threatening the demon with torment. Needless to say, this ritual is not "Satanic" in any sense of the term and no way to go about making friends with what you are attempting to evoke. In fact, the majority of the horror stories one will hear about a demon "striking out" at the magickian involve a demon which has been forcefully constrained and threatened.

Needless to say, these Christian techniques will be of little help to any serious Satanist. In fact (in an act of great irony) there is an extremely small amount of material concerning demon summoning from a Satanic point of view, and that which is available is extremely lacking in technique and leaves the practitioner very open to what many have described as "astral deception."

What I attempt to do in this article is to create a guideline for Satanists who desire to summon demons. Now keep in mind this is not a walkthrough, this is not a completely regimented ritual with a space clearly marked "Insert demon’s name here". It will still require a decent level of creativity and research on the practitioner’s part. The payoff for this will be a much more effective working and the knowledge gained from the ritual itself.

The Demons Themselves

Let us begin by a quick definition of what a demon is:

A spirit or god which is actively associated with the Satanic paradigm.

Now, while this definition may seem rather broad and relative, this was my intention. The individual practitioner may restrict or expand this definition as they wish, while keeping in mind that others may not have the same thoughts on demons as you do. I am simply using this definition for the sake of this article. Lets remember that NOBODY can tell us for sure what is beyond this plane and all claims made about hierarchies or what is defiantly true about Hell (should it exist) need to be taken with a grain of salt.

While I am on the topic, I must argue against any system of "demonic hierarchies" in demonology. This is not to impose my beliefs upon anyone else; it is just a matter of practicality. Systems of hierarchies lend to the belief that certain demons aren’t as "powerful" or are easier to control as other and this can lead to problems of practitioners underestimating the demon and becoming careless. I can assure you that just because a demon is classified as a "lesser Demon" in a grimore doesn’t make it any less able to mess with a careless magickan.

Now, no matter what you may intellectually believe about demons, when one is attempting to summon a demon you must KNOW some things to be true:

No matter what you believe in the "real world," in the ritual chamber the demon IS real and will have very real affects upon your life. The demon is much smarter than you are and should be treated with respect

Demons are separate entities from humans and have their own separate wills. Some Satanists will say that the demons are basically big genies that are happy to do whatever we want them to, which is far from the truth. Just as humans, all demons aren’t going to give something away from nothing. It is most likely that they will want some form of "payment" or sacrifice. This will be covered later.

After the ritual, you can go back to believing that demons are just parts of the human sub-conscious, or Jungian archetypes or whatever you need to keep your psyche intact. Just remember that in the ritual chamber these entities are ancient beings that have their own things they want to do aside from helping you get laid and destroying your enemies.

Also, before attempting to summon ANY demon, do your own independent research. Find out the general character of this demon and (if possible) what it’s goals are. Don’t just stop with looking the demon up in one grimore though. Different people have different experiences with the demons so try to find as many different experiences as possible. An excellent place to start is this page:

This page has a pretty complete listing of demons and a good deal of information on each demon (even though a lot of the information is from Judeo-Christian sources). Also, try and find a sigil (symbol) of each demon. Going to any decent search engine and typing in the name of the demon is likely to come up with at least a few reliable pages (and a lot of heavy metal bands).

Concerning Sacrifice

Now we are at the topic that has made demonology so taboo, sacrifice. In my opinion it is rather foolish to assume that a demon is happy to go out of its way to do what I want. I wouldn’t assume that of my best friends, so why should I assume that of a demon that, most likely, has its own desires that they’d rather take care of?

Now some Satanists say that the whole bargaining/sacrifice thing is for those who use the methods found in grimores. I disagree with this heavily. Just because I may like someone doesn’t mean that I’m willing to sacrifice my time and energy to help them for no particular reason. However, I think that demons are willing to give Satanists, and those their fond of, the ability to make a more "practical" sacrifice. From my experience one thing all gods want, be they from Heaven, Hell, or elsewhere, is belief. It is belief that sustains the gods and keeps them bonded to man. Therefore, it wouldn’t be unusual for a demon to desire that an image be made of it, or a poem dedicated to it and then to have the artwork released to the public. These are tasks that are most likely going to be given to Satanists since they are not going to put any unfair biases upon how the image should look. Also, most demons have some kind of agenda of their own, helping the demon in this agenda can also be used as a form of sacrifice. An example of this for the demon Asmodeus (the demon of lust) would be to get a store in your small town to carry condoms so that people can indulge their sexual desire if they choose to without as much fear of unwanted repercussions.

Another form of sacrifice that is quite effective, but relatively unused (at least directly) by Satanists is that of what chaos magickians call "Gnosis." For those of you unfamiliar with gnosis I’ll give you a quick definition of what it is from my point of view. Gnosis is a state of mind in which all mental barriers are broken down and a pure energy is allowed to flow from and into the mind and spirit. Moments of gnosis are generally very good forms of sacrifice. Gnosis can be achieved through many ways, some popular ways are meditation (if one is experienced in it), drug usage (although it is not recommended due to side effects), sexual orgasm (with partner or masturbation), and blind hatred (used primarily in curses). At the peak moment of gnosis (ie. Sexual climax) focus on your alter and the symbols upon it and the demon will become "charged" with the gnosis.

Sacrifice is a personal thing between the practitioner and the demon. Whatever feels appropriate as an act of giving should be used.

Oh, and a final word for those who believe that the sacrifice of a living being, or your soul is needed (or even useful) as a sacrifice I simply say, no matter what religion you ask, damned souls are a dime a dozen, so another thrown onto the pile will mean little to nothing.

(Note: Please keep in mind there is a difference between offering ones soul as a sacrifice and offering your soul as a dedication, which is valid.)

The Ritual Itself

Following is a guideline for creating your own ritual for summoning a demon.

I heavily recommend performing a "banishing ritual" beforehand. Now this is not to make you "pure" in spirit. It’s about clearing and focusing your mind so that you don’t unfairly impose any of your ideas upon what the demon is trying to communicate to you. Information about banishing rituals can be found on almost any page on Chaos Magick. I feel that the simplest form of a banishing ritual is taking a nice long shower or bath before the ritual.

Set up an altar to the demon. You should customize the altar to the character of the demon. Ex. For the demon Dagon you would want an altar with a water theme. Images of fish, serpents, and seaweed would be very appropriate. You might want to consider filling the chalice with saltwater (although only add a pinch of salt, too much will cause vomiting).

If you want to, draw or trace a triangle on the ground into which you will manifest the demon. This is NOT to imprison the demon as so many Christian grimores will tell you; it is simply creating a space where all of the demons energy can gather and manifest. You can make the triangle as plain or as decorated as you like.

After the altar and all preparations are made, stand before your alter and triangle state your beginning invocation. This would be something along the lines of the Invocation to Satan in the Satanic Bible or the one located on Diane’s page; however I highly recommend creating your own. I have a special one that I created for demon summoning rituals which is in two separate parts. Basically, align yourself with the forces of Hell and empower yourself.

Now read your summoning of the demon. The creation of this is very important to the overall working and should be done beforehand. Try and create a summoning that would sound similar to how you think the demon would have been originally worshiped. Try and keep the summoning within the character of the demon. Don’t try and summon a trickster demon through a solemn, dull litany, instead joke, laugh, and make an atmosphere in which the trickster demon will be comfortable. And (as should be clear now) do NOT threaten, torture, torment, or taunt the demon into appearing, unless of course you LIKE being killed in a violent, yet ironic way.

Once you are able to discern the presence of the demon, stand forward and politely, yet firmly state the following: "I stand here with you, (demon’s name) united by our bond with Hell. By this bond I swear to be truthful to you and honor all agreements made with you to the best of my ability. Do you, (demon’s name) swear by your bond with the forces of Hell to be truthful to me, and honor all agreements with me to the best of your ability?" Now wait for a response (which you may divine as you wish), if the response is positive, continue. If the response is negative, inform the demon that you will not work with it until it swears to the oath. If the demon still refuses the oath, then politely dismiss it. It is choosing to be uncooperative at this time and may be more willing to work at a later time. The above oath is designed specifically to avoid deception from either yourself or the demon without being threatening or rude. The demon has the option to turn down the oath and is not forced into it in any way. (Note: Keep in mind, you are entering in a very powerful oath as well, and if you attempt to break it the consequences can be dire).

Converse with the demon, tell it about the problem you’d like it to solve, ask it questions. You may divine the answers as you like (ex. pendulum, scrying, emotional/mental responses, or in some cases verbal or physical responses may be given). This is your time with the demon, use it as you will.

At this point any sacrifices which are to be made during the ritual can be made. Any sacrifices of gnosis are given and deals are confirmed.

Thank the demon for appearing and assisting you then a polite dismissal statement.

There you go. The basic ABC’s of demon summoning for Satanists. Keep in mind that these are the entities that were called upon generations before your existence. These are the entities that created society in any sense of the term. They taught us the arts, music, warfare, religion and science. They are some of the greatest teachers one can have if their knowledge and power is used intelligently. Enjoy, use, and learn.






More Information About Summoning,


Demons are immortal; a “season” is but a few thousand years to them. The xian "god" is losing power. We warn everyone: using the spiritually abusive methods in the old grimiores is not only foolish, but will inevitably result in personal disaster. The Demons must always be approached with extreme honesty and respect. The days of using enemy "god" names, nine-foot circles, threats and other destructive and abusive methods are over. Don't say you weren't warned....

When we are new, most of the Demons are willing to help us. The goal of Satanism is to become as a God. This means self-empowerment.

As we progress through our own efforts, we become more and more adept. We should be able to rely upon our own powers instead of the powers of others outside of us.

The Demons are best when it comes to imparting knowledge and wisdom, so that we may learn and progress on the left hand path.

As we progress, we should be able to be competent in all aspects of magick and influence others and our environments on our own, without any outside help. Although, even with an adept, there may be circumstances where issues can be overwhelming and the help of a Demon is needed.

For spiritual guidance, the Demons are here for us at all levels, from those who are new, to those who are advanced.

From my own experiences, I would highly recommend to those of you who are serious in progressing spiritually, to establish a close and strong relationship with a Demon who is willing to work with you and guide you along the left hand path. This can be a very rewarding experience to say the least.

How to summon:

Always treat the Demons with honesty and respect. Never command, demand or try to exploit them in any way.


Know the Demon you intend to summon. It is important to have a specific purpose; know exactly why you are summoning a particular Demon.

When we ask assistance from a Demon, it is only proper to offer something in return. Be prepared to give something in return. This is something both you and the Demon should agree upon. Remember, the Elder Gods value one’s word, honesty, integrity and one’s honor as the utmost importance. NEVER agree to anything you that know you cannot follow through on.

Know the method you plan to use to communicate with the Demon.

One of the most important steps in the summoning of a Demon you are not yet familiar with, is to go through Satan.

The reasons for this are serious. Not all Demons are friendly to humans, nor are all Demons of Satan. Satan has authority over all of the Goetic Demons. Most Demons are friendly when treated with respect and summonings result in a positive experience. I have found many Demons that have caused outsiders problems are often friendly to a confirmed Satanist.

I have learned much through my own interactions with Demons and through the many experiences of others, both the laity and the Ministry. Experience is, as always, the best teacher.

There are different levels of experience when one establishes contact with a Demon:

The Demon speaks to us through our thoughts (telepathy). With telepathy, the words of the Demon come to us through our thoughts. In the beginning, it can be difficult for those who are not as sensitive or lack psychic ability to differentiate between the communication from another entity and their own thoughts. With power meditation and experience, this becomes much easier over time.

We see and hear the Demon. This is with people who are more psychic and open.

We invoke the energy of the Demon. This is powerful and electrifying. We are engulfed in a strong aura. During this time, we will often hear the Demon speak to us and we may in addition, see the Demon.

During an actual summoning, the Demon appears and speaks to us through scrying into a mirror, in the smoke of the incense or in some other manner. This is best for those who are new. With scrying, if we are sensitive enough, we can often feel the Demon touch us if he/she chooses to do so.

Tangible contact; objects in our rooms are moved, there is actual PHYSICAL evidence of the Demon having been present.

There are accounts in popular books concerning extremely powerful energies encountered when evoking a Demon. To my knowledge, no one using the methods outlined on this website has ever experienced anything negative or overwhelming. I have invoked Demons many times (see Invocation) and the energy was never beyond anything I couldn’t handle or in any way uncomfortable.


Copy, print out or draw the sigil of the Demon you wish to summon on clean paper. It is important that you be left alone and not disturbed in any way. Close your eyes and visualize the sigil in your mind as best you can. It is ok to open them and look at the sigil again ( as many times as needed) to get a clearer image. While visualizing, recite or chant the name of the Demon over and over either in your mind or aloud.

Recite the following prayer:



The Demon can manifest in different ways.


Through a mirror as in"scrying." You will see the Demon in the mirror.

Through the smoke of the incense

The Demon appears directly, when one is sensitive enough and in a deep meditative state.

Prepare your area. Your first summoning rituals should be performed at night. The reasons for this are the energies are different at night from those during the day and it is easier to be alone and free from distractions. When one has established relationships with certain Demons, it is no longer necessary to perform a formal summoning ritual. The Demon can appear to us night or day and all we need do is concentrate to contact them through telepathy.

You will need:

A quiet place where you will not in any way be disturbed.

Quality incense with a pleasing fragrance. I strongly recommend when working with any new incense to try it out before the actual ritual or summoning as cheap stinking incense is insulting to the spirits and can be embarrassing in any ritual. See INCENSE

One or more black or blue candles. Black is choice, but blue is ok for a substitute if you cannot obtain black. Also, if available, the candle color of the specific Demon you wish to summon. (These are listed on this website).

Your paper containing the Demon’s sigil.

When finished with the sigil, find a safe place to store it, preferably in your own black book or journal. ALWAYS treat this paper/sigil with extreme respect. The sigil can be reused.

There is no need for a nine-foot circle.

There is no need for a “license to depart” as both are offensive and insulting. Treat the Demons with respect and in turn you will receive the same.

After the petition to Satan, you should feel his positive energy. This is a good sign and a go-ahead. If for some reason the Demon doesn’t answer, try another time. Many times the Demon does appear, but those who are new to summoning are not psychically open enough or experienced to sense him/her. Most people have had to perform the summoning ritual more than once for the Demon to manifest.

Often, the Demon does answer, but many are not aware. Look for coincidences and things out of the ordinary. Awareness here is everything.

Always offer a token of appreciation and gratitude in return for his/her services. Some ideas are publicity for the demon, service that you both can agree upon and artistic embodiment.




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